Our Story

We are Tony and Mell Sheppard owners of Bali Batik at Home and lovers of travel. Our story with Batik starts in the early 70s, when my (Mell’s) mum took me to Bali as a small child and we brought back a Batik sarong.                  I loved the handmade intricacy and colours of the design and the feeling it had when I’d dress up in it.                                                    Decades later while travelling through Bali, Indonesia, we met a lovely family who specialised in creating beautiful products from repurposed vintage Batik sarongs and instantly “Bali Batik at Home” was born!                         We love that each product has already lived a life as a persons sarong that has been worn on a daily basis and now repurposed for you to love and enjoy.                                                    A collaboration started and has grown to include a total of 3 Balinese families that we now work with to bring the beauty of both vintage and new Batik along with vintage Ikat from Flores to Australian shores in the form of quality homewares, clothing, and apparel. 

You can follow us @balibatikathome, and find us and our batik products us at local markets around the Gold Coast and Northern NSW. 

Tony lives with Early Onset Dementia and we are proud to support Dementia Australia and participate in research on an annual basis at The Brain and Mind Institute in Sydney. Feel free to talk to us about our journey with Frontotemporal Dementia we are happy and open to discuss our experience and support you in yours if your life is also affected.

We'd like to thank our beautiful family who have supported us in this adventure with their love and support and all our lovely customers who have also been encouraging and allowed us to share their photos here and on Instagram and Facebook.