“Indigo” Handwoven Vintage Ikat Wall Hanging

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One of a kind unique handwoven vintage Ikat tubular sarong treasures from Flores. Each tubular Ikat warp sarong tells a tale of the weavers journey with the individual motifs and designs representing the weavers family and the Village they are from.

Absolutely unique these masterpieces are best hung on a wall to showcase their beauty. Measuring as is -folded & sewn -approx 60-64 x 160cm.

These are genuine vintage pieces which may have some loose threads, seperations and frays but do not effect the beauty when used as a wall hanging.

Made by hand using cotton which is spun and dyed using locally sourced and grown plant dyes such as Indigo, Turmeric and Ginger and handwoven into a personal story using motifs which represents the individual family and villages. 

"Please if needed only hand wash in a gentle liquid detergent"