Large Handwoven Flores Ikat Lumbar Cushion Cover

Large Handwoven Flores Ikat Lumbar Cushion Cover

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One of a kind handwoven Ikat treasures from Flores have been repurposed into these amazing cushion covers, This large cover measures approx 57x72cm  (the pillow insert is “not included” in this price and the fatter the pillow the better they look)

Absolutely unique these masterpieces are sure to enhance any bedroom or daybed setting and are double sided (have Ikat fabric each side). 

Woven by hand loom using cotton which is spun and dyed using locally sourced and grown plant dyes such as Indigo, Turmeric & Ginger and handwoven into a personal story using motifs which represents the individual family and villages. 


"Please only hand wash in a gentle liquid detergent"