21cm Loro Blonyo Statue Pair

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Sweet vintage Loro Blonyo wooden couple approx 21cm

The Loro Blonyo, or the ‘Inseparable Couple’ as they are also commonly known, are part of traditional Javanese beliefs and represent the sanctity of marriage within Javanese culture. In Java, Loro means ‘two’ and Blonyo means ‘makeup’. The Inseparable Couple are mainly depicted sitting side by side in traditional Javanese clothing and are placed in a the main chamber of the house as they are sacred within Javanese culture. Loro Blonyo is traditionally known as Dewi Sri – a goddess of fertility and prosperity and the female aspect of Vishnu. The inseparable couple personify Dewi Sri and her consort, Sadona and the love they had for each other. The story of the relationship between these two figures allows people to remember the value of a relationship which maintains the relationship itself.
Credit (Introworldreligionswordpress.com)